NU MUSIC>>NeoTantrik από τον Αndy Votel

'Intervisions' documents select live aktions by Andy Votel, Sean Canty of Demdike Stare, Jane Weaver and N.Racker's NeoTantrik syzygy over the last 12 months, delivered on Votel's own Pre-Cert Home Entertainment label. It breaks down to five parts recorded on location in Bristol, Rotterdam, and Stockport - in mutating alignments of personnel all focussed on common goals of abstract sonic transcendence uniting a mind-field of mimetic and sensual references to nu-religious and metaphysical phorms. Three pieces were captured at Bristol's Cube gallery, ranging from the pineal dilation of 'Parched Effigy (Cube 3)' to their tunnelling, ten minute trip across fragmented free jazz and kosmische, 'Intervisionary Heretic', and the overheated machine squall and concrète confusion of 'Xian Octagon'. The Rotterdam parts are more concise, potent, travelling great distances during 2 minutes of astral flight in 'Coloursound (Worm1)' and vaporising into radiant metallic dissonance during the five minutes of 'Crolyn Emphasis'. Jane Weaver's contribution provides a more controlled and sombre counterpoint, calcifying their abstract tendencies in the organ meditation, 'Sous Le Même Soleil, Vie Disparu Dans Le Ciel' recorded at Compstall Mill in Stockport. Limited Edition of 500 copies.


  1. Parached Effigy (Cube3)  
  2. Intervisionary Heretic 
  3. Coloursound (Worm1) 
  4. Sous Le Même Soleil, Vie Disparu Dans Le Ciel 
  5. Crolyn Emphasis 
  6. Xian Octagon

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