LIST>>The 10 best jazz songs according to FaltyDL [Via Dummy]

Eπιλογές από την τζαζ ιστορία του Νεοϋορκέζου Drew Lustman. 
1. Miles Davis – Little Church (Live)
“Just one resolve after the other for 3 minutes. I’m sorta surprised it came out of his electric period, its almost too tame for that time. But then you hear this whistle in the background and remember every single musician here was off their face on acid while recording this.”

2. Captain Marvel – Chick Corea & Return To Forever

“I was playing upright bass for years in this funk band and all I was listening to was Stanley Clark. He moves faster on a double bass then most electric players do. And he’s accurate.”

3. Herbie Hancock – Sly
“Completely accesible jazz funk for everyone, at its deepest layer the baddest shit ever, and on top your mother will understand it too. It may frighten her when your 16 and stoned in your room listening to it on repeat, but just remind her its only incense she is smelling.”

4. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival
“Is this Jazz? I don’t know, maybe. It’s too good to be just one thing.”

5. Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus
“Just an outtake, but you can hear Mingus’s drunk high ramblings. I like that, it was almost okay to be that off your head in a recording studio. I feel like now you may get kicked out on to the street. But if you are running the show like Mingus clearly was, then he may kick you out for not being high. I dunno just thinking out loud here. He also sings the melody impeccably, and I would be worried about drooling on myself.”

6. Eugene McDaniels – Freedom Death Dance
“This is Jazz. I promise. Everybody wants happiness. Don’t sample this though, it’s been done many times by people more talented then you.”

7. Kenny Burrell – Cheeta
“Everyone is high on this record.”

8. Roy Ayers – We Live in Brooklyn, Baby
“Jazz. Everyone is high on this record.”

9. Ella Fitzgerald – A Tisket, A Tasket
“I think this song is actually about vajayjay and penusus.”

10.Rashaan Roland Kirk – My Cherie Amour

“There is a theme to all of this. Everyone was high. My mom will read this and text me immediately after. Mom, it’s okay, I’m doing fine. This one is amazing though, old classic through the lens of a strange man.”

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