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24B’s Favorite Cover Songs of 2012

December 23, 2012

Best Cover Songs 2012After revisiting last year’s top covers roundup this week and being pleasantly surprised at how well those tunes have held up, we’d be remiss not getting in the 2012 best-of game for a moment with another reel of standout takes. Here are 16 cuts that still resonate even after the initial buzz of “who covered whom?!” wore off. Left out were recordings that resemble the original version too closely (though that can be a notable feat), viral videos (they don’t need more help being disseminated), and, of course, tracks that haven’t held up as well over time. Purchase links  – when available — and a link to an earlier post on the track are included for context. Also, there are a few honorable mentions from the same artist or tribute set. Without further ado:

The Tallest Man on Earth – “Cycles” (Frank Sinatra)

Info | Buy

Japandroids – “Jack The Ripper” (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)

Info | Buy

Bill Callahan – “So Long, Marianne” (Leonard Cohen)


Divine Fits – “Shivers” (The Birthday Party)

Info | Buy

The National – “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (Isham Jones)


First Aid Kit – “Dancing Barefoot” (Patti Smith)

Info | Buy | Honorable Mention: “Play With Fire” (The Rolling Stones)

Field Mouse – “Falling” (David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti)

Info | Buy

Soko and Low Roar – “Tonight Will Be Fine” (Leonard Cohen)


Martina Topley-Bird, Mark Lanegan – “Crystalised” (The xx)


Antony – “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac)

Info | Buy

Lykke Li – “Silver Springs” (Fleetwood Mac)

Info | Buy | Honorable Mention: Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney, “Storms”

Sufjan Stevens – “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Info | Honorable Mention: “Alphabet St.” (Prince)

Michael Kiwanuka – “May This Be Love” (Jimi Hendrix)

Info | Buy (Song not on LP)

Jason Lytle – “Won’t Be Long” (Sea of Bees)

Info | Buy

Bill Fay – “Jesus, Etc.” (Wilco)

Info | Buy

Sara Watkins & Fiona Apple – “You’re the One I Love” (Everly Brothers)

Info | Buy | Honorable Mention: Fiona Apple – “Let Me Roll It” (McCartney)

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