WRITEDOWN: Γράμμα από την Grimes

hey it’s claire So I’m pretty new to this whole thing and I apologize if I behaved rashly or offended anyone.
Despite the fact that I can be outspoken, I’m a very private person.
I started that tumblr specifically to have a ‘non-official’ platform to voice my opinions.  Obviously this was naive of me and i should have known how it would turn out.  but i guess i just grew up on the internet and the internet is where i do things.  its been intense to become a part of the content on the internet rather than just a passive observer.
I definitely meant what I said concerning beyonce, psy etc. and I’ve put that post back up (below) because I dont want my words to be taken out of context.
but i couldn’t handle my personal website becoming a content farm.  My passive thoughts are not official statements.
i just need to have a normal life right now.  I’m trying to write my record and I’ve never tried to make art with so many people watching.  I love writing, but this tumblr is making things hard concerning my record.

I’ll start writing here again once I finished.  I also just need to fully process having a ‘public life’.  I haven’t parsed all this stuff yet and it’s been a real shock to the system.  
again, I apologize if I upset anyone or reacted immaturely.  I’m simultaneously honoured that something I say could get so much attention.  I’m just not quite used to it yet.
12:23 am  •  7 February 2013

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