VIDEO>>Beach Fossils | Adversity

Beach Fossils - "Adversity" (Official Music Video) from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.
Official music video for "Adversity" by the Beach Fossils, from the What a Pleasure EP.

Produced by Urban Outfitters. Read an interview with the band and director at blog.urbanoutfitters.com/beachfossils

Directed by Ian Perlman with help from:

"The Family"
Greg Reese (Colorist, The Mill NYC)
Dirby Luongo
Katie Garcia
Kali Riley
John Campbell
Austin Kearns
William Pierce
Ereka Imani Duncan
Tighe Kellner
Rishi Linley
Zach Miller
Oliver Lanzenberg

Kelsea Dakota
Mira Bai
Amy Jenkins
Sophie Labelle
Gabrielle Barone
Giulia Cauti
Martika Finch
Simmons Nola
Lucy Potapova
Lynley Flanagan
Amanda Cote

O Ιan Perlman αποδεικνύει ότι less is more.